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Simple mandate


  • Moving
  • Visiting places
  • Measuring piece by piece with laser rangefinder
  • Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages by piece, environment, exposure, insulation, sunshine, materials, works, heating mode, easy to furnish, etc.
  • Reading and analysis of real estate diagnostics mandatory for the sale of your property.
  • Reading and analysis of your Title, ownership, servitude, purchase price, etc.
  • Explanation of the trends of the current real estate market in your sector, time of sale.
  • Comparative analysis of the goods sold in your sector.
  • If joint ownership, reading the last 3 minutes of the General Meetings, details of charges, condominium regulations, maintenance book, syndic, etc.
  • If subdivision, reading the specifications, see the regulations.
  • If construction of less than 10 years, knowledge of building permit, completion of works, handing over of keys, attestation of conformity or non-contestation of conformity, ten-year warranty, work damage,
  • Explanation of the obligations for the sale of a property and the law alur.
  • Consultation of the databases of the last sales made in the commune of your property.
  • Revelation of the estimate price.

  • Building on our experience
  • Property description piece by room
  • Records of documents: energy consumption, land registry, taxation of property taxes, household waste, water and all other charges related to the building
  • Co-ownership; Lot, general meetings, condominium regulation, division, trade union association, ...
  • Advice and valuation of your property
  • Professional announcement
  • Taking pictures
  • Diffusion of your property on our site, and on more than 50 partner websites/li>
  • Creation of your account tracking of mandate - identifier - Password
  • Support for all visits
  • Report of visit within 72 hours consultable in your space owner
  • Announcement in window one week according to availability
  • Financial analysis of offers to buy
  • Negotiation
  • Administrative preparation of the signature of the compromise of sale or of the promise
  • Signature of the contract of sale by your notary
  • Our mission stops at the commitment of the parties, when signing the compromise of sale or the promise.