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Estimating a property is a crucial step in Sale of a property. The seller has no interest in over-valuing it or in the sub- estimate. To fix the "fair price", it is necessary to evaluate a certain Number of points objectively.

On the one hand, the buyer wants to achieve "a good deal". The other, The owner wishes to sell at the "best price". But what is a good Price?

For the seller, it is often above the market price. The Owner, who has an affective relationship to his or her dwelling, tends to lose In objectivity. It is all the more partial because it generally To realize an added value.

For the buyer, the "best price" will be Conversely, below market rates. In fact, it will tend to Scrutinize the slightest defects to better negotiate the purchase price.

Between the two estimates, there is the "fair price". The one that To sell housing on average (82 days in the Ile-de-France region and 97 days in the province according to experts).


  • The influence of the environment
  • Some defects are expensive
  • Patrim: a base of
  • data on prices of goods sold
  • Not to be confused with "appraisal" and "appraisal" of real estate

The Influence of the Environment

In the same city, we can observe gaps between neighborhoods but also from one street to another. The environment, the attractiveness of the area, the notoriety of the neighborhood, the Presence of local shops, good schools, the sense of Security, prospects for the development of the territory ... all these elements Have an influence on the fixing of the selling price and will therefore Account in estimating your property.

Some defects are expensive

The characteristics of the dwelling and the building also have a Influence on the sale price.

To realize the property valuation, Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the property Determine a price per square meter. In general, the average price In the building, weighted according to the assets of the dwelling (We speak of surcote) and its defects (one then applies a discount). A Once the analysis has been completed, an average price per square meter is obtained. Multiplied by the total surface of the housing.

Real estate agents have evaluation tools that allow them to work objectively.

For example, a view of a monument, the sea or a mountain, Value the price per square meter from 5 to 20%. For a pleasant orientation (South-east or south-west), account for 3 to 5% more than for exposed housing And finally, for a superb terrace, the valorization can reach Up to 15% of the m2.

On the contrary, a ground floor will sell for up to 25% less than Similar accommodation in the same building but located on the 4th floor. Count 30% Discount if the dwelling is to be renovated in its entirety and up to 10% If it is badly arranged (chambers in a row for example) or badly distributed (one Large entrance followed by a small lounge).

For houses the price per m² of similar properties sold in the same neighborhood gives a base, that is what We call the comparative method; But this is not enough !

Diagnostic record to its influence, as well as the remediation to the collective network or Not the size of the plot of land, the quality of construction (Prefabricated, traditional), design (architect, builder, Pavilion), the materials used, if the house is individual, On one side, on both sides, twinned, if easements are If the property benefits from warranties, damage-works, decennial, Etc ...

It is after all these readings and analyzes that the estimate can be Realized, that's why a professional is highly recommended.

Patrim: a database on prices of goods sold

Patrim Users is a tool developed by the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFF), which lists 20 Million transactions.

Patrim Users will not provide you with an estimate of Your property, but will tell you the prices at which property near You were sold.

This service, accessible on the website www.impots.gouv.fr, is not a tool Evaluation of the price per m2 of real estate. It allows to know how The tax administration proposes an approach to the price of the market value of a Housing, in order to calculate inheritance or solidarity tax On wealth (TFR).

Not to be confused with appraisal and real estate appraisal

Real Estate Valuation is to define the price Just to sell the house as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Expertise is to assess the market value (to calculate the Succession or solidarity tax on wealth) or rental of a property, Depending on financial, technical, legal, etc. parameters. knowing By using an appraisal by a real estate expert, the tax authorities often Tendency to rank at the value determined by it.