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Notre concept

Real estate comes to you!

The BOTTIN IMMOBILIER and its network of agents must bring a real service agency in the communes, districts and neighborhoods through a local agent!

Our client objective: To transmit a global offer by the accompaniment, the communication of an adviser and the professionalism of an agency.

Our mandate objectives: To create a network of professionals through optimal training, studied according to their profile. They will be able to exercise a duty of good advice and information. We will give them the keys to professional success in the real estate transaction. They will have the necessary tools to carry out the job, legal and technical assistance will be available to facilitate their daily life.

Each proxy will be responsible for its mandates, customer support and customer relations, partners.

The strength of our network combines the skills of each

A "human" size network:

Future independent real estate advisers called "mandataires" will benefit from external or internal training in partnership with the FNAIM superior school of real estate according to their skills (see training program). They will then be able to occupy an area in order to give future customers an exemplary service!

The independent real estate consultant works from home and has no subordinate relationship with his principal, so he can organize his work days at his convenience and make himself available as requested by the clients.

Each independent real estate advisor will have the priority of a sector with the possibility of sponsoring one or several advisors, which will avoid any unfair competition within the network and any ambiguity with the customers.

Each advisor will be able to take part in FNAIM training courses at the Ecole Supérieure de l'immobilier, Ellipse Tower, 41 avenue Gambetta, 92928 PARIS LA DEFENSE Cedex, in order to be professionalised to all new legislation in the interest of the clients.

Each advisor will benefit from a personal space on the referring site: http // www.lebottin-immobilier.com
This space will allow network agents to manage their products optimally with easy-to-use functionality and allow customers to consult the local market.

Our strengths:

  • We meet the needs of our clientele through our professionalism.

  • We are members of the FNAIM.

  • Our negotiation and transaction fees are calculated based on operating costs and advertising costs.

  • We establish a territorial proximity through a commercial network of motivated independent agents.

  • We distribute our ads on our site lebottin-immobilier.com with sub-sites agents. And on many partner websites including the most consulted by potential buyers: leboncoin.fr, logic-immo.fr, loger.fr annonces-jaunes.fr, fnaim.fr, for sale to rent.fr, immo80.fr, But also Sitimmo.com, evrovilla.com, vitalimmo.com, onmovie.com, onvousloge.com, onvousloge.com, trovit.com, coocoonhome.com, eostis.com, olaimo.com, dopimmo.com, Ornox.fr, stock-immo.com, kyzia.fr, le-partenaire.fr, wannonce.com, 118bis.com, olyneo.com, claads.com, dealplaza.fr, businessesforsale.com, propertysales.com, achatterrain. Com, terraincontruction.com, lesterrains.com, terrainpascher.com, terrainsmaisons.com, frencheentree.com, realtransac.com, etreproprio.com, etc.

  • Being present on all geographic areas.

The role of the agent:

  • Provide sellers and buyers with a quality service thanks to the proximity of a contact person with knowledge of the local market.

  • To stimulate the animation in the small communes through free visits, "open days", poses of panels, canvassing ...

  • To acquaint acquirers with knowledge of local infrastructures (schools, public transport, associations ...)

  • Establish dialogue, exchange, complicity, proximity between the agent and future clients

The role of the agency:

  • The application of the legislation: updates of new regulations, professional card, professional certificates, FNAIM membership, guarantee fund, RCP insurance (civil and professional liability).

  • Administrative: the register of mandates, the provision in a cloud of documents necessary for the professions, procedures, invoices, regulations, management of meeting schedules, training, orders, etc.

  • The availability of many computer tools: Transaction software, freelance software, databases, gateways, websites, virtual home-statging, virtual tour inside 3D, etc.

  • The contribution of communication: the agency will make you benefit from its notoriety, the pooling of operating costs and all its broadcast channels, (facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, etc.)

  • Legal assistance: all documents are written and controlled by FNAIM professionals, a telephone number is available as well as an e-mail address for any legal need.

  • Commercial support: A Coach accompanies the agent to carry out the transaction if necessary.

  • Educational support: the agency will open the possibility to take part in internal training for different software applications, in a training center approved but also at the FNAIM superior school of real estate on Paris la Défense (92), for You perfect.

Why create a proxy network?

Currently the profession is changing, the demand is constantly changing, research is mainly done on the web.

The buyer is lost in his research through many sites offering the same good at different prices!

The buyer visits many properties following the telephone description of the seller who is persuaded that his house is the most ...

The acquirer disappointed by abusive descriptions and a significant loss of time entrusts his research to a professional in order to obtain visits of qualities!

The seller multiplies the advertising media and intermediaries, he comes to discredit his property!

Moreover, the emotional value of the seller towards his property incites him to overestimate ...

The seller opens his door to whom? Has a potential buyer?

Or a curious person who comes to copy ideas of decoration, a walker, a neighbor who come to compare, to a real estate enthusiast, a person who comes to know the market, a burglar in locating, a buyer who Must sell his property in order to acquire but who does not wish to carry out a bridge loan! The bank does not wish to give him this type of loan in terms of his income, the keeping of his accounts, his house is overvalued?

The seller receives the visit of unknown persons, the search criteria are not studied, the visits are not targeted, the profile is not studied beforehand, the financing is not validated, It is often a waste of time! Not to mention the time spent on housework, hospitality and visits.

Web sites from private to private:
These are advertising sites for financial purposes for owners, without any guarantee of results and the potential customers remain non-targeted.

Websites of national networks:
The headquarters of these organizations are often located hundreds of kilometers away from the local market. There is no real follow-up, training is very fast and the proximity between the company and its advisors is often non-existent. They therefore set up door openers without any real knowledge and skills.

Websites of real estate agencies: A real showcase for property for sale in the city and its surroundings, but real estate agents often refuse the taking of warrants for property more distant ...

In addition, do you know the real estate transaction obligations?

You want, BUY, SELL, ESTIMATE, a building, a house, an apartment, a land, a business? !

Legislation is increasingly complex for a real estate transaction, some real estate must be subject according to whether they are new, old, condominium, subdivision of: building permit, decennial guarantee, damage insurance work, certificate or note Urban planning information, declaration of completion of works, specifications, condominium regulation, union association status, certificate of non-challenge of conformity, general meeting, special meeting, trustee, call charges, working capital, Works, capital gains, value added tax, declarations, etc.

And for the sale of a real estate a technical diagnostics record is mandatory grouping according to the year of construction of the property, the department and if it is condominium a number of diagnoses know; "Carrez law" for horizontal and vertical condominiums, energy performance, the state of natural and technological hazards, the assessment of the risks of exposure to lead, the condition relating to the presence of termites in the building, State of the natural installation of natural gas, the state of natural hazards, mining and technological, diagnosis of the energy performance of the building, the state of the interior installation of electricity, and since 1 / 2011, the state of non-collective sanitation facilities.

Other diagnoses are under consideration and should complete the list ...

We note then that the current steps available to sell or acquire a good do not meet a fundamental: total customer satisfaction

Faced with this observation, Didier BOTTIN wishes to bring professionalism and expertise to buyers and sellers by creating a network of proximity "agents" trained to the services of a real estate agency.